Testimonials – Disney Shelf


The Disney Smart Shelf is easy to use and perfect for smaller spaces. I love that we can use it in the bedroom and living room. It's a much better holding spot for drinks and snacks then a nightstand.

Lainey B


My kids received the Mickey smart shelf for Christmas and they loved it... it has not left their bedside. they use the light as a night light and we have spilled no drinks since we've had it. love this product!

Stephanie M


Received my Mickey Smart Shelf yesterday and let me say this is an amazing product. The problem of stretching to reach the nightstand for my phone or water is solved. The shelf is incredibly stable and versatile Shipping was incredibly fast simple packaging and all you do is open the box and use it! This is definitely a must have for children and adults alike and I am looking forward to more options in the future! I am a customer for life!

Keith S


Both of my kids love the smart shelf! My 16 year old son used it to hold his bottle of water, phone and earbuds. My 13 year old daughter absolutely loved the light!

Andrea S


This is the coolest thing. Something so simple, that is so useful. I love mine and I gave my neices each one for Christmas and they too love them.

Jimmy D


My daughters and I love their Mickey Smart Shelf !! Best idea for bedside lighting and a spot to put their books when they’re off to bed. The light is awesome to!

Peter M

What a great product for kids. Highly recommend for all ages. Our 11 and 14 yearold live this product. 100 percent made in the USA,,,

Buzz S


Never lose your remote in your bed again! Its great in my room and my sons. I keep my remote, phone and drink on it and when I was under the weather, it propped up my trash can perfectly😳, endless uses. My son keeps his book on his and at night I use the light on the shelf as our reading light! You need one you just don’t know it yet! ❤️

Lisa C


Great product! It’s convenient, durable, and made in Michigan. It is a must have for all kids.

Stacy D


I purchased Disney Smart Shelf for my grandkids. When I brought it home my 86 year old mother said "this is perfect for me to keep things close to my chair so I don't have to get up and down." This is an AWESOME product for ALL ages!!!

Jon W


Convenient for both adults and kids to use! durable and easy to clean

Missy P


I use mine every night for my phone and water. It keeps everything within reach and no spills😊love it!

Valerie W


I bought one for my grandson and I love it so much, I’m buying another one for my house!

Bonnie D


It’s a 5 star product I use it to put my phone water and glasses on every night

Riley C


We have this on the side of a bed where we can't fit a nightstand. Kids love it. I like that there is a cup holder and LED light (bright enough to read but not light up entire room). Very functional and sturdy. Fits easily between mattress and box springs. Overall quality product.

Suzana D


Better than my nightstand. We have a nightstand on one side of the bed we used to share... no more reaching over to get to my phone and I have my stuff on my side of the bed. What's nice is it slides out of the way when not in use. Perfect for holding a water bottle at the bedside.

Daniel C


Awesome! Love the product!

Mike G